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November 17, 2019  -  Big News

Zündapp Fool site has been SOLD

New Management Coming Very Soon!

Good News Folks…  The Zündapp Fool Web site has been purchased by another Zündapp Fool, Pim van  den Bergh, so the resources here should go on to serve the community for some time.



At Barber’s Vintage Days - Birmingham AL 2019

Thanks to all that stopped by to see us at the show.  We are looking to contact one person specifically.  In 2018 and 2019 a young man showed up as we were packing up and offered to give us a hand.  He had given us his contact info but in the confusion it was misplaced.  If you are this person could you please contact James (n2deep@zundappfool.com) or Sheldon (sheldon@sheldonaubut.com)


At Barber’s Vintage Days - Birmingham AL
October 5th, 6th, & 7th 2018...

Your Zündapp Fools were awarded the "Picker of the Year, 2018, sponsored byBarber Picker of the Year Trophy Metal Rescue" trophy and next year's entry at the swap meet is paid.  For some strange reason the folk from The Barber liked our bikes, or set up and probably even more than those, our stories.  If nothing else, we are pretty good storytellers, or as some people call it we throw some pretty good bull s#@%.

We sold one bike and a whole lot of parts but we still have several bikes and some rare parts still for sale.  We also would consider selling this Web site with all of its content.  With advertising and maybe selling copies of all the manuals and literature someone could make a pretty good business of the site.  If you are interested in the site please contact Sheldon Aubut sheldon@sheldonaubut.com.

Zündapp Fool has ceased operations. The website and guest book will remain available through 2019 or 2020 unless someone buys it, but sales will no longer be made through Zündapp Fool. Our business name will be “From the Desk of the Big Shot! For those of you looking for parts and a possible bargains.  If interested in bikes or parts please e-mail James Marshall n2deep@zundappfool.com

At present we have  a DBT200, and a DKW NZ350 for sale.

Some KS601 engines, transmissions, Bing carb parts, parts books, Zündapp advertisements, Berliner and Zündapp Factory correspondence and just a hodge podge accumulation of stuff. Barber Picker of the Year Trophy

Thank you all for the patronage, thank you all for the support and thank you all for riding the best Damn German motorcycle made.

James Marshall & Sheldon Aubut



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2017 Zündapp Rally Germany

Celebrating 100 years of Zündapp

1956 Zündapp Super Sabre for Sale     $6000 (Sold)


      There were about 200 bikes on the field at the 17th Annual European Bike Day at the Larz Anderson Museum in Brookline Massachusetts today (10 August 2013). The field included Vincent’s, Velocettes, Excelsior, BSA, BMW, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Matcheless, and many others…. And the winner of the Concourse Award for Excellence in the Best of Show Awards was MANN’s newly restored 1955 Zundapp KS-601 Sport


  e-Mail James:    n2deep at zundappfool.com


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New:  Sales & Return Policy

 ZÜNDAPP FOOL Policy Change
24 June, 2016

Effective immediately and hence forth a new policy for sales and returns is in force:

[1] Either ZUNDAPP FOOL, or James Marshall dba: ZUNDAPP FOOL will set prices at what we feel are reasonable or fair market prices. If a buyer purchases a part or parts from Zundapp Fool web site or from James Marshall dba: ZUNDAPP FOOL the buyer will have a set number of days to examine and either accept or reject the part or parts purchased. If the buyer takes actual possession (on site) of the part or parts, buyer will have seven (7) days to determine functionality or usefulness of the part or parts purchased unless prior written arraignments have been made. If part or parts are mailed to buyer, then the time limit is extended to fourteen (14) days from the date of mailing unless written prior arraignments have been made and agreed to by both buyer and seller. In the event the buyer is in a foreign land, then buyer will have fourteen (14) days from the time carrier services show that delivery was made to notify us that returns or adjustments are necessary. Seller reserves the right that any parts not returned within the specified time limits are not returnable for any reason. Seller reserves the right to enforce a policy that any customer failing to notify us of a problem within the specified time limits forfeits any rights to returns or adjustments.

[2] If the part or parts sold are deeply discounted at time of buyer's purchase or the buyer determines what they are willing to pay for said parts, then those parts are not returnable for any reason.

[3] All parts returned must be the same parts sold and must be in the same condition as shipped.

[4] Unless special arrangements have been made and accepted in writing prior to purchase, all purchases are expected to be paid in full at time of purchase.

[5] Please do not ask anyone at ZUNDAPP FOOL or James Marshall dba: ZUNDAPP FOOL to falsify official documents simply to avoid paying taxes, tariffs or duties. We find this ethically, morally, and legally wrong. If you can not pay the taxes, tariffs, or duties imposed by your governments then you can not afford the part, parts or machines you are trying to purchase anyway. You are in the wrong business or hobby to begin with. This policy will be updated or modified from time to time as deemed fit and/or necessary and without prior notice.

Thank you for your time and understanding in these matters. Sincerely,

James Marshall