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2013 Zundapp Rally:
Videos just below
Trophy Winners

October 13, 2013  -  These three videos were shot by Joe Ayers and used here with permission. Sorry, but there is no commentary. This was the first ever Zundapp Rally held in the United States, at Kevin Johnson's property in Spring Valley, Ohio September 20-22, 2013. Watch here for information on the 2014 rally. We hope to see you there next year!


Here is part 2:


And finally part 3:



 October 3, 2013 - Here is the list of trophy winners as presented at the rally:

James Marshall Most committed  
Tom Mais & Katleen Caerels Furthest Traveled Iron Ass award
Brian McNamara Most dedicated to Non-Roller/Non-Rader Zundapp
Dave Cummins That Thing Runs Award 1958 Zundapp Bella R154K
Mark Stevens Breakdown Award 1957 Zundapp Bella R153K
Neil Jezierski Best Prewar 1941 Zundapp KS600 (dark gray)
Dave Clauss Best Sidecar 1942 Zundapp KS750
Jeff Opsatnik Best Sidecar Runner Up 1943 Zundapp KS750
Mike Benne People's Choice Award 1952 Zundapp KS601 with
Steib Sidecar (Elephant Green)
Robert Cassin Best Warmacht 1941 Zundapp KS600 (desert tan)
Eric Porter Best Civillian 1950 Zundapp KS600 (black)
Bob Lassiter Best Unrestored Original Zundapp 1958 Zundapp Bella R203 500
Dennis Rudy Best 2 stroke 1973 Zundapp KS50WC
Brian Kent Best Postwar 1957 Super Sabre
Bob Lassiter Best Modified Zundapp (paint) 1958 Zundapp Bella R203
Paul and Karen Mayer Best Zundapp 1953 KS601
Warren Mann Best KS601 Restoration 1957 Super Sport
(the green one)
Steve Kobilarcsik Best Postwar Zundapp
original 2 Stroke
1950 DB200
Richard Saupe Best Bella Runner Up 1958 Zundapp Bella R204
Jerry Hawkins Best Bella 1958 Zundapp Bella R153K
Darryl Spinosi Best Zundapp KS601 EL 1957 Zundapp KS601 Elastic
(dark maroon)
Warren Mann Best of Show Runner Up 1955 KS601 Sport
(the chrome tanked one)
Brian Kent Overall Best of Show 1957 Super Sabre

September 21, 2013  1:00 AM - Note From Sheldon:

James is at the rally but poor me wasn't able to break away to make the trip, so I'm stuck at home in WisconSIN wishing I were there.  To make matters worse he's started sending me photos.  I'm sure just to rub it in...  So if you too are stuck at home and in front of the computer, here are what he's sent so far:

Below in the Fools own words:
Fri 9/20/2013 8:45 PM  (all times Central Time Zone)
These are the show bikes that arrived today, Friday the 20th of Sept. More later, party time. ~~ James
Click thumbnail for larger version.

Sat 9/21/2013 12:30 AM
More bikes showed up after dinner, quite a few more, but with it raining and dark I decided not to photograph them until morning. There are now about 15 KS601s, two KS750s, three KS600s, one K500, some early 2-strokes, and about 20~30 Bella scooters and more are expected tomorrow. The beer has never stopped. Endless water bottles. ~~ James

Saturday 9/21/2013 6:51 AM

These photos comprise those bikes that were here as of Friday dark. More came in after sundown and many more will arive today. Will send photos as I can. Having such a great time I will even enjoy the great time allottment you passed up. The host is serving a home cooked breakfast for all participants this morning. So far only one guest has had an accident. He got t-boned by a local. Fortunately he was in a rented auto and escaped unscathed. More when I know it.

Saturday 9/21/2013 11:50 PM

It would be difficult to call the rally anything but successful. A little rain but mostly perfect weather. There were 56 motos, 2-strokes, and scooters, one green Zundapp belt, one sewing machine, one outboard motor, and  one Zundapp lawnmower here for show. Add to that six more motos around the grounds for sale. Only one accident the entire weekend and that was off the grounds and at an intersection where a guest got t-boned in a rental car. The poor car suffered major bruising, however the guest was unharmed. There were two war elephants, three KS600s, a K500, around 17 KS601s, a Norma, a DB201, a Comfort, a DB202 scrambler, three Super Sabres and a Trophy Sabre,and 27 Bellas, give or take a a few. Those that missed this event have missed a great one. Everybody I talked to is looking forward to a repeat next year. There were over a hundred guests at the rally, quite a few having come without their motos, but vowing not to make the same mistake next year. Thank you Kevin Johnson for hosting one great and successful Zundapp Treffen in 2013. 

And the final photo from James, titled "All of It":
All of It
Click above image for 2,000 pixel wide image and
Click here for 3,200 pixel wide, 1.2meg version.
And from Kevin Johnson:
More photos and stuff at FaceBook



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