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Parts For Sale - page 15 / all prices are in US Dollars. PayPal is the preferred option for making payment. Funds paid by US Postal Money Order treated as cash and shipped immediately. Checks must be drawn on US banks and payable in US dollars and must clear my bank and yours before shipment is made. Figure 15 days from my receiving funds.  Shipping and Insurance are extra and will depend on amount ordered. Shipment by the most expedient method as determined by me unless otherwise directed. Some items will be too big or too heavy for shipment in this manner and alternate means of transport will be used.
To our foreign customers: Please do not ask us to mark shipments as low value/no value ~ used motorcycle parts, or ask us to mark parts as a gift, or, ask us to falsify documentation.

Payment address : The Zundapp Fool / P. O. Box. 1287, Kaufman, TX 75142-1287

These terms & prices subject to change as needed.
  [04 May, 2008]



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Horex tranny
Horex transmission base plate  →
side view
Horex Imperator  transmission (for parts)
Horex transmission cluster
Horex Imperator tranmission cluster
early engine top plate
Early Citation engine top plate without mounting tab
engine top plate bottom side
bottom side of engine top plate
blue rear fender in left profile
left profile of rear fender with partial tail piece
Citation rear fender showing how fender tail was originally decorated
partial tail piece
rear Citation fender showing rust damage below battery box
right profile of rear fender
some rust around battery box and beneath it
left side of Citation rear fender showing battery box and  sub-muffler shell
left view of battery box & sub-muffler shell
blue fender's battery box
battery box and rusty area
internal view of the blue fender's battery box
inside view of battery box
auto advance
Horex / Citation auto-advance unit (some rust)
auto advance unit Citation / Horex auto advance unit (little rust) Citation speedometer Citation speedometer face  Citation odometer
ratio W 1 - 6.5  date: 0658
Citation transmission  Citation transmission base plate  →
Citation transmission
near perfect Citation gear cluster - sold
Citation transmission
different view of near perfect gear cluster
leverengine case clutch lever
showing profile and side views 
plugengine cover plug 
gear changerCitation gear selector fingers   → sold layshaft gearsnice Citation transmission lay-shaft w/ gear clusters 
main shaft gears citation main-shaft w/ gear clusters
front end view of a Citation gas tank
front end view
left profile of a Citation gas tank
left side Citation tank
top of red promer citation gas tank
tank w/ putty
right side profile of Citation gas tank
right side Citation tank
view of the top of red primer fuel tank
fuel tank top
engine case, left outside view left outside view of engine case 23/1574 →
left inside view left inside view of engine case right outside view  right side engine case view right inside view right side inside view of engine case  rear left engine case view of the left rear engine case
front left of engine case front left of engine case front right engine case 
right front view of engine case
oil pan externalview of the outside of the oil pan showing plugs 

inside view of oil pan inside view of Citation oil pan right rear engine case 
right rear of engne case
left side engine cover (outside)
left side engine case cover
left side engine cover damage at mounting hole
left side cover damage
right side engine cover
right side engine cover
inside view of right engine cover (cover upside down)
inside of right engine cover
 engine number
left side profile of Citation frame w/ swing arma nd sub-frame attached
frame lt side profile
right profile of 231574 w/ swing-arm & sub-frame & side braces
frame rt side profile
frame stamping 231574
frame tag for Citation frame 23/1574
23/1574 id tag
frame stamping 231574
frontal view of Citation/ Horex type front fork
front view of Citation front fork
left view of front fork showing included handlebar stay
Citation anti-dive front fork
(left profile)
Citation/Horex anti dive type front fork (rt view)
Citation anti-dive front fork
(right profile)
Citation/ Horex oil pump sieve
oil pump sieve
induction stud gasket
induction stud gasket
base gasket found at base of cylinder between cylinder and engine block
cylinder base gasket
gasket between head and cylinder (side against cylinder)
cylinder head gasket
(cylinder side)
gasket between cylinder and head (side facing head)
cylinder head gasket
(head side)
thin paper gasket
carb paper gasket
thick fibre gasket
carb fibre gasket

left side of engine case
view of the left side of the engine case
inside view of engine case
inside left engine case view
fuel line with connectors

oil line w/ connectorsold

screw w/ the funny shaped nut for securing the carburetor clamp to carb
clip ring screws and nuts
left side front
left front view of engine case
left rear view
rear view of the left side of engine case
right outside view
outside view of the right engine case
right front view
right front view
right rear view
rear view of the right side of engine case
Citation crankshaft piece
center shield of Citation crankshaft  → sold
shield piece
center-shield end plate
partial disassembly
partially disassembled crankshaft
disassembled crank
lobes and connecting rod from a Citation crankshaft
more disassembly
another view of disassembly

damaged crank tip
some knucklehead tried to fix what wasn't broken
crank full view
chain sprocket
entire crankshaft showing chain sprocket
bad tip 
←  another view of entire crankshaft with damaged tip
partial crank assembly ↑

     Unless otherwise specified all parts are used parts and carry no warranty express or implied

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24 June, 2016

Effective immediately and hence forth a new policy for sales and returns is in force:

[1] Either ZUNDAPP FOOL, or James Marshall dba: ZUNDAPP FOOL will set prices at what we feel are reasonable or fair market prices. If a buyer purchases a part or parts from Zundapp Fool web site or from James Marshall dba: ZUNDAPP FOOL the buyer will have a set number of days to examine and either accept or reject the part or parts purchased. If the buyer takes actual possession (on site) of the part or parts, buyer will have seven (7) days to determine functionality or usefulness of the part or parts purchased unless prior written arraignments have been made. If part or parts are mailed to buyer, then the time limit is extended to fourteen (14) days from the date of mailing unless written prior arraignments have been made and agreed to by both buyer and seller. In the event the buyer is in a foreign land, then buyer will have fourteen (14) days from the time carrier services show that delivery was made to notify us that returns or adjustments are necessary. Seller reserves the right that any parts not returned within the specified time limits are not returnable for any reason. Seller reserves the right to enforce a policy that any customer failing to notify us of a problem within the specified time limits forfeits any rights to returns or adjustments.

[2] If the part or parts sold are deeply discounted at time of buyer's purchase or the buyer determines what they are willing to pay for said parts, then those parts are not returnable for any reason.

[3] All parts returned must be the same parts sold and must be in the same condition as shipped.

[4] Unless special arrangements have been made and accepted in writing prior to purchase, all purchases are expected to be paid in full at time of purchase.

[5] Please do not ask anyone at ZUNDAPP FOOL or James Marshall dba: ZUNDAPP FOOL to falsify official documents simply to avoid paying taxes, tariffs or duties. We find this ethically, morally, and legally wrong. If you can not pay the taxes, tariffs, or duties imposed by your governments then you can not afford the part, parts or machines you are trying to purchase anyway. You are in the wrong business or hobby to begin with. This policy will be updated or modified from time to time as deemed fit and/or necessary and without prior notice.

Thank you for your time and understanding in these matters. Sincerely,

James Marshall


Pay for your items using paypal.  Please contact me for total price, including shipping, before making payment.  International customers please go to PayPal in your country.
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