June 28, 2011 – It all began when I was quite young, something like 16 years old, when my father told me that when he was young his father, my grandfather had a incredible bike, most reliable and extremely powerful and when he say powerful he meant that it pulled up a whole tree root right from the ground and the brand of that machine was Zundapp.

He told me that it was made with so impressive materials that when my grandpa had a little accident, the front fender didn’t twist…  It literally broke in two pieces. He told me that story with so much enthusiasam that I asked if he had a photo or something, he showed me the only existing photo of the bike (attached in this mail).  When I saw it I automatically began to learn about the brand and that specific machine, and there started my foolness for this brand.

Regretfully, my father’s family had to sell the bike, and the bike ended up getting run over by a train.  It seems that that bike was made to be ridden only by my grandfather.

This story impacted me so much and these bikes are so beautiful and so well made that today I have 2 complete DB202 and another one incomplete, and had made a net here in uruguay with some friends for all the zundapp riders to share info, stories, resources and experiences with these bikes.

I don’t have a green elephant yet, but it will come…

Darbenn’s dad on Grandpa’s lap