June 26, 2011 – Trouble…Trouble…  I’ve had many problems with motorcycles, Zundapps of course. One that stands out iny mind is battery trouble. We had a Zundapp Super Sabre that the battery would go dead.  We checked the generator, it was fine; changed batteries and they would still go dead after a while. The suspense is killing you, I know. What was wrong? It was simple: On a Zundapp there is a little terminal that sticks out on the right side of the motor.  A wire comes from it to the headlight switch.  When the bike is in neutral the little green light comes on and when you engage the gears the light goes out.  The customer (never trust a customer) had removed the battery and had put the ground wire under this little terminal (it was real close by ) so the battery was grounded while the machine was in neutral (in our shop) whilst we tested the generator… IT WORKED, but when he put the machine in gear the battery was not grounded and therefore not charging. It would take a few days but it would go down; especially if he rode at night.  How I remember this after all these years?  Many of my grey hairs were caused by this.

An earlier e-mail from Robert gives a bit of background:

We were zundapp dealers from 1950 to the bitter end.  We never sold the big bikes, rather the 200 norma..comfort,,the sabre..challenger and super sabre.  We sold a bunch of them and raced the super sabre..highly mofified.  We also had a number of riders from our shop racing and the battles between our Zundapps and the Tiger Cubs was epic.  My super sabre had the head cut .250, a webco magneto, webco bottom end kit, a special manifold with a 1 3/16 amal tt carb, with remote float bowl, I cut the flywheel down to the mounting rivits, polished the ports, used a expansion chamber but later took it off and added a short rpm pipe (mistake).  The bike was incredibility fast but lacked reliability and the connecting rods would sling in half.  I am old but still have a soft spot in my heart for the Zundapp. I AM ANOTHER ZUNDAPP FOOL!