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Motorräder - 1955
Submitted by Manfred Hopf
Thank you Manfred!
Various Zundapps in a 1955 German brochure Zuendapp 200cc and 250cc Elastic 2-strokes for 1955
1955's Norma Luxus and the 200 "S" The KS601 and the KS601 Sport for 1955
Combinette 2 speed 428 and Super Combinette 3 Speed 429
Submitted for your viewing pleasure by Manfred Hopf
front cover of Combinette 428/429 in German picture of 2-speed 428
picture of 3-speed 429 combinette frame design
Combinette features suspension features of the Combinette
engine layout of the Combinette 428/429 seats and color styles of the Combinette 428/429
It is more fun two up on a Combinette factory shots
technical profile of the 428 & 429 riding with friends is fun on a Combinette


A German brochure on the 200cc and 250cc 2-stroke Elastic circa 1955
small circa 1955 2-stroke Elastic German brochure
Zuendapp 2-stroke Elastic
picture of the 200cc Elastic
The 200cc Elastic
the 200 cc
technical specs for both the 200cc & the 250cc Elastic
technical aspects of both models
picture of the 250cc elastic
The 250cc Elastic
Logic behind Zundapp Elastic ownership
the sales pitch for owning an Elastic
picture of 250cc Elastic with a Steib sidecar
The versatility of an Elastic with a Steib  sidecar



[Always on Top]

(the watercolor cover, the pencil sketches and the charcoal drawings in this booklet are just plain awesome)

front Artwork forZundaapp in 1935. Copy of awesome watercolor inside cover art showing a young man riding a non-descript Zundapp motorcycle The Zundapp Motorcycle Works, Nuremburg as it appeared in 1935 from humble beginnings of 1923 to top of the line in 1934
explination of services for the new owner pencil drawing of a solo K800, a man, a woman & and a mountain road The drive shaft drive train "Every part the very best" inovative features of headlight, tank and pressed steel frame
2-stroke double frame, hinged fender tail & novel sidestand extolling the virtues of all the Zundapp models The Zundapp 200cc, 7hp DE 200 with 12 litre petrol tank The Zundapp DL 200 with bigger 50 watt generator
DK200 with shifter on pressed steel frame, 7 hp, chain drive, 3 speed KK200 with shifter on transmission, 4 speed, 7 hp, drive shaft, pressed steel frame K350, pressed steel frame, 11 hp, 4 speed, shifter on transmission, drive shaft comparrision chart of the 1935 models at a glance
charcoal of a rider with his honey in their Stoye sidecar flying along hard sell for the sidecar The Stoye touring model sidecar for K500 & K800 motorcycles The Sport model of Stoye for K500 & K800 Zundapp motorcycles
The joy of riding a Zundapp two-up on a solo machine or together on a sidecar rig. various awards for solo and sidecar racing on a Zundapp 1934 owner testimonials of Zundapp dependibility. The back cover with the merchant's stamp


The 1955 Zundapp & Victoria Mountaineer (Bergmeister)
Submitted by Brian Happel of Florida- Oops, make that Ohio. Thanks Brian!
Adobe Acrobat .PDF format 1.7meg Microsoft Word .DOC format 5.3meg
Click thumbnail below for larger .JPG image

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