1938 Owners Manual (All Models)

1938 Owner’s Manual – DB200, K500, K600, K800 (English)
1938 Owner’s Manual – DB200, K500, K600, K800 (German)

1939 Owner’s Manual (Norwegian)
Courtesy of Kent Ove, Norway

1953 Parts and Price List

1956 Suspensions (English)

1955 Parts and Price List

1959 Dealer Instructions

Bosch Electrics 1938 with 1940 insert (German)

German Paint Code Pocket Book 1944
Taschenbuch fur Lackierbetriebe (pocket book for paint finishers) is brought to you courtesy of Willem Sas of Great Britain, who graciously allowed Zundapp Fool to copy and use this booklet for your research.

2-Stroke Engine Repair Manual (includes carburetor repairs & adjustments)
2-Stroke Engines (up to 100cc) Servicing Manual

200S Spare Parts List

Citation Instruction Book
Citation Spare Parts Catalog

Combimot/Combinette Parts List 1953-1954 (German)
Combinette Operation & Maintenance 1956 (German)

Comfort Parts List 1952 (German)

DB200, DBL200, DBK200 Parts List 1936
(thanks to Robert Slalina from Germany)

DB200, DBK 200, DB250, DBK250, DS350, K500, KS500, KS600, K800 Operating Instructions, 1940 (Spanish)
Instrucciones para el manejo de las motocicletas Zundapp. This book is brought to you courtesy of Rui Catarrilhas of Portugal, who copied it and sent it in for us to use.

DB200 Operator’s Instructions 1947 (German)
DB200, DBK200, DBK200, DBK250 1937-38 Parts Book

250S Super Sabre Spare Parts List 
250S Super Sabre with Electric Starter Operation & Maintenance Guide 1961

Super Sabre Teardown

DB201 Parts List Book
DB202 Operating Instructions, 1952 (German)
DB202 Parts List Book
DB202, Comfort & Norma Tools
DB205 (Elastic 200) Specification Sheet
DB255 (Elastic 250) Specification Sheet

DBK250 (Derby Kastenrahmen) 1938-40 Specification Sheet

DE200, DL200 1935 Handbook

DS350 1938 Zundapp Parts List

Elastic 250 Sabre Parts List 1954 (German)

K500 1933-1937 Parts Book (German)
K500/K800 Owner’s Book 1935-1936 (German)

K800 Parts List 1933-39

KS500 1936-1937 Parts Book (German)

KS600 with Sidecar Parts List 1950 (German)
KS600, KS601 Service Instructions
KS600, KS601 Tools

KS600, KS601 Specialty Tools 1951

KS601 & KS601 Sport Parts Book 1958 (German)
KS601 Disassembly and Reassembly
KS601 Factory Blueprints, 1951 and 1952 (German) 
KS601 Owners Manual 1953
KS601 Systems (exploded views)
KS601, KS601 Sport Specification Sheet
KS601EL (Elastic) Operation Instructions 1957

KS601 Ersatzteil-List 1952
(thanks to Jose Maria Vazquez from Brazil)

KS750 with Sidecar 1943 Special Tools (German)
KS750 with Sidecar Parts List (German)

KS750 Betriebs-Anleitung Zundapp (1949, 20 pages)
KS750 Schweres Kraftrad (96 pages)

KS750 R75 Manual, heated hand grips and foot pegs (Norwegian)
Courtesy of Kent Ove, Norway

KARDAN 200cc 1933-34 Parts Book
KARDAN 400cc, 500cc Parts Book

Lieferwagen 500cc Owners Manual (November 1934)

Military Waffenampt Inspector Codes 1939-1945

Norma Owner’s Manual 1952 (German)
Norma Parts List 1952 (German)
Norma-Luxus Parts List 1953 (German)

S Series Specifications and Photos (Trophy 175-S, 175-S, 200-S, 201-S, 250-S, 250-S)

Zundapp Sidecar 1937 Parts List

Zündapp Special Tools for Chain & Driveshaft Models 1934-1936

Zündapp Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)