This emblem was unique to two models of two-stroke motorcycles. Both bikes were the same bike but with different ID’s. Apparently one model, the Norma Luxus appeared in the US and the other model, the “DB234” must have appeared in Europe. The bike in either model was produced from 1953 to 1955. There was also a Norma model from 1952 ~ 1953 but it used tank emblems like those on the KS601.

Other Insignia

For service on all fronts. 51mm long by 41mm wide; red is fired enamel.
Zundapp factory workers’ badge. It even glows in the dark, I suppose so you could be located after an air raid. 31mm long by 33mm wide; made of tin.
The Germans had Jewish slave labor camps during WWII and the above may be of historical interest. The Germans had their quality control checks even for slave labor. A friend of mine restored a Kubelwagon for someone and stamped on the motor was a serial number flanked on either side by a Star of David to indicate that it was produced by Jewish slave labor. If the part failed they knew immediately who to blame. In this vein, I was looking through some prewar Zundapp parts this afternoon and I came across this valve for either a KS500 or a KS600. On the face of the valve is a Zundapp logo, the number 600 and a tiny Star of David indicating a motor part produced by slave labor. Most probably the 600 indicated a valve for a KS600 but it could also be some poor slobs serial number.
Not really sure just what this is (found on eBay). It looks to be a race team badge or maybe a place trophy. It is dated between the flags in a column 1957. Sure looks neet though. Oh, and on the back it has a screw-down post like a helmet badge or jacket badge. Makers mark on the back says “Hook Fast” and Pat. Pend.
Again, don’t know what this was on, but unlike the late model badges of the same design that were either soft steel or tin, this one is thick aluminum with a slight convex curve in the design. It appears to be about 2 1/2 mm thick.