James Marshall’s first Zundapp on a local club ride. “I wish that the plane in the background had come out better, but then we’re not really interested in the plane anyway,” James said. “Golly, what a pretty bike and it ran good, too. The exhaust pipes were white because the former owner told me he didn’t know where he’d ever find another set of header pipes and so he coated these pipes with a compound that race car drivers use so that the pipes would not burn out. Well, even white pipes will burn the crap outta your leg when you brush up against one of them. I parted ways with this steed in Davenport, Iowa around 1996-1997.”

1956 EL pictured below as purchased, being restored and the finished bike.

The bike shown below is as nice to ride as it is to look at. It no longer has the mufflers, and it no longer has the seat pad/cover. Otherwise it is all there.   

This bike was traded off to get the 1957 EL that guy was going to modify. James hated to say farewell to this bike because it had the low European handle bar, but he really wanted the elastic really bad.