More bikes owned by James Marshall at one time…

A late 1941 BMW R12 found in Portugal. The bike has been restored, badly damaged by a “nazi hater”, restored, burned badly in a paint stall while being restored, and restored again. Sold to Bench Mark Works.

1945 KS750 in solo. Had most of the bike parts not seen, but no BW43 sidecar.

1938 KS600 came out of New Orleans, but the owner claimed it came out of Georgia. It was really pretty though and quite comfortable to ride. It needed a few little things to make it correct but they were minor. Bike was sold and shipped to California.

1938 DKW NZ350 that was sent for restoration by Ralph Delmar of Study Butte, Texas. Bike was found in Hemming’s Motor News. Located in Melbourne, Florida, the bike had been traded in for a Harley in Miami but had been caught in a hurricane surge and the owner didn’t want to mess with it.

1938 K800 found originally in Holland, it was shipped to a physician in Pennsylvania who promptly displayed it in a friends’ showroom window for several years. Bike runs terrific now. Needed very little to be a correct bike. James Marshall’s mechanic was scared of it… said it was more than a handful to try to ride.

Wow, what a bike! About 85-90% there. 1937 KS500 twin carburetor model. Only missing generator cover, seat, tail light. Maybe needed a crank and the headlight was gutted. Found in New Mexico. It had the tool box, the air tubes, the luggage rack, mufflers, rubber parts, throttle, advance. The color scheme was not correct for this bike. Frame, motor and transmission all match and the impossible to find little parts were all there. Only element missing was time.