Remove the aluminum seal cover to get access to the circlips retaining the bearings.

Remove the bigger and smaller circlips.

This is the smaller circlip that locks the brass shaft bushing in the bearings.

The bearings shown are the original factory setup. I have also replaced this setup to a single sealed bearing thus eliminating any need to grease the bearings or replace seals .

The wheel hub nuts are usually all beat up. I like to square the slots. I use a mill but this can be done in a vise with a good hand file.

I heat the wheel hub nut in the oven to ease assembly.

Press the bearings on the brass wheel bushing.

Press the bearing assembly into the heated wheel hub nut.

Reinstall the circlips and assure they are seated properly in their slots .

Remove the old seal from the aluminum cover.

Install new seal.

Press the seal cover back into the wheel hub nut and it’s ready to go.